d the girl twice before he obtained any response. Then she looked up, and a wistful, tender smile lighted up her beautiful face. "I was thinking," she said. "Do you know, Walter, I have been thinking a good deal lately. I suppose I am naturally more discontented than most girls, but I am

. And yet ther e were crumpled rose leaves on her couch of down. The thoughtful loo

getting very tired of this sort of life. Pleasure is so monotonous." "Ungrateful," Walter laughed. He came and stood close to t

k on her fac
e deepened. Sh e sat there so deeply immersed in her own reflections, that she was

he speaker's side so that he could see down into the depths of her eyes, which were now turned fully upon his. "There are thousand

quite oblivi
ous to the fac t that she was no longer alone. Walter Lance had come into the room.

s of girls who envy your fortunate lot." "I don't know why they should. You see, it is all very well for me to go on like this.

He addresse

It is all very well to be a fascinating mystery. The time has come when I ought to know things.

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